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Together, let's solve the news

How can we help solve the news?

We know that people feel powerless in front of the mass of information and the perceived lack of impact and control over unfair situations. Everyday, we see headlines about the challenges of migration management, diversity, social justice or the environment, but how often do we see the positive initiatives being developed or already in place to tackle these challenges? How many media outlets are going beyond the facts and figures to explore potential solutions on the continent and opportunities for action right around the corner?  


With our projects, we are promoting a trend already well established in the US: ‘solution journalism’ or 'constructive journalism'’. It communicates how leading social innovators approach their work, it is thought-provoking, and it inspires readers to act independently. 

Our work is to help news media to develop a constructive and cross-border approach in their reporting by connecting them with inspiring and practical examples of social initiatives from anywhere in Europe. We also create new connections between media outlets and between social actors from different countries to facilitate the exchange of practices, ideas and content. 

'Solve the News' web browser extension

Read online & impact in real life! 


Via a simple web browser extension, we want to give Europeans the possibility to become active news readers and citizens by providing examples of people acting to improve different situations all over Europe… And answering the typical questions of ‘ok, but what now?’ and ‘what can I do?’

We want people to go from information to (re)action by connecting them with changemakers and initiatives, directly in their daily reading routine!


The ReSolve publication

A bi-annual curation of the most insightful solution stories from across Europe (under development)

Our next project is to create ‘The ReSolve’, an online publication composed of the most insightful solution stories from across Europe. Each online issue of ‘The Resolve’ will be framed around one specific topic and select the most relevant content, regardless of the date, format or language. 


Publishing curated content is only the first step as we want to keep our publication open for exchanges, feedback and additional contributions from the public to foster audience reaction and engagement... We will soon let you know how!


Our projects

Ideas for a ReSolve-like project?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss, exchange, brainstorm on any potential idea that we could develop together! ReSolve Europe is a young organisation but we are dynamic and ready to take on new challenges!